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I have worked on some cool new things in the past weeks and most of them are image related. As these images are being promoted in the Unity Community I needed a better solution for me to show my artworks instead of making lots of previews that always result in huge pdf files or just simple pages.

Creating these previews is a really time consuming task so I needed something to help me save this time. I needed something that could automate an image gallery inside of Unity in a way that it could be reused in other assets and possibly be used by other people too.

So I decided to create TEXTURE FLOW. This plugin will allow you to quickly show the image contents from within your game such quadratic textures or icons.


I’ll allow for more customization possibilities in the future and enhance it with additional features. One thing that is on the way for the next update is the aspect ratio correction for non-quadratic images and a couple more of other effects like dropshadows and full maximization. It will also have an option for making images as buttons. In this way the gallery can be used as an inventory for items too. Take a look at what it does at the moment:

(click and drag or use arrow keys to scroll images)

It’s a very useful plugin and it’s really easy to use. all you need to do is to provide it with an images folder and the plugin will automatically generate a gallery that you can customize with different view modes, add more spacing in between the images or change the background color. Here’s the download link:


The plugin comes with a demo scene. To see it working, just hit play! For additional information, please refer to the README file included in the package.

I hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to rate and write a review note if you liked it. Cheers.








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