A few tips for selling in the Asset Store

A lot of Unity developers are curious about how it is like to sell their stuff in the Asset Store. There are many success stories on how some developers changed their lives selling assets only. In this article I’ll give you some hints that will help you maximize your sales.

First, the most popular assets usually can fit in any game so everybody can use it. For example – NGUI is a successful case because absolutely all games rely on an interface. Think about elements that can be found in any game! So, if you have a great idea just make sure your asset isn’t just some specific solution… otherwise it would be useful only for a specific case, meaning less sales.

The Challenge

Excellent plugins may not do well even though they have a big potential. Why is it so? Luck? Well, apparently there’s no such thing as luck but there’s a bunch of factors that will hugely impact on the sales. It will all depend on how you promote your asset and how you know your audience. A lot of developers spend several months on a project to only then throw it out and see if it sticks. It’s a big mistake… My first tip is: know who you’re working for.

What is your audience?

Aiming for developers is no easy task… These guys are just like you – they are exigent, very technical and if they have a problem, you have to be ready to deliver solutions. It’s all about creating solutions after all… better and more efficient solutions. So you have to ask yourself  “will people be keen to use or pay for my asset?”. Making something that you like is cool but make sure it’s useful to others. Understanding your target audience will allow you to find a great solution for their problems.

How much?

Well, it depends on how much work you’ve put in your asset but here’s one fact that you should consider: it is easier to sell 100 copies of an asset for 10$ than selling 10 copies for 100$ each. Way easier, this I promise you. Make sure you price your assets correctly. It’s important not to underestimate your work though. If you’re unsure how to price it, just don’t over-price it, start small, do updates as you go and adjust price accordingly. If you’re selling it for the right price and if you’re advertising it properly, you’re good.

How do I promote?

Make a demo version of your asset for FREE. Getting free downloads is as important as actual purchases because your asset will become more popular and people will be more prone to buy something that they have tried out before. It won’t just help you promote your asset but it will help you create a bigger user base. Also, you have to advertise. Things don’t just sell themselves spontaneously! As a matter of fact, you have to be in the right place advertising to the right people. The Unity Community is a great place to start. In my opinion, using Twitter is a must and you should include hashtags like #Unity3D #indiedev #gamedev and #assetstore. I highly recommend mentioning @AssetStore in your tweets because they can put your asset in the daily deals if they like it.

24 Hours Deal

Yes! If you are confident that you have a great asset, subscribe for the 24 hours deal. You can make over 100 sales easily in a single day. Also, your asset will figure in the top paid assets for awhile and this will result in additional sales afterwards. You have to take your chances. :)




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