Texture Flow Pro

We’re happy to announce that Texture Flow Pro is now released and it’s vastly enhanced in comparison to the free version.

This plugin will help you create a gallery of images in no time and it almost requires no code. You can also make an items inventory with it or any other thing that involves many images.

All you need to do is to specify a folder and the plugin will automatize all the process of loading the images and spacing them out evenly.

The plugin has a few templates such as horizontal, vertical and grid mode. It will allow you to change the number of columns, color background or even adding some cool effects like magnification, ground reflections and drop shadows. It’s very customizable.

Download In the Asset Store: http://u3d.as/aWi

Full description:
http://www.lunarground.com/downloads/TF_WEB/TEXTURE FLOW PRO.pdf

Demo scene:

Here’s how to use it:




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